If your organization has moved (or is contemplating a move) to Microsoft 365 email, this news could be important for you. Recently, Microsoft changed the default data retention policy on the deleted items folder to retain items indefinitely as described in this blog post: extended-email-retention-deleted-items-office-365

From an administrative point of view, this policy change may have little impact on your organization since Microsoft is responsible for managing the storage aspects of Microsoft 365. From a compliance point of view however, there could be serious eDiscovery ramifications associated with indefinitely retaining the contents of the deleted items folder. Of course your Microsoft 365 administrator can circumvent this behavior by applying a custom MRM policy for your organization, but this change highlights the hazard of relying on built-in policy behavior which may change at any time.

A robust enforcement tool like Sherpa’s Altitude IG or Mail Attender will put you back in control of the Microsoft 365 policy administration process. Our solutions are designed to deliver granular enforcement at either the folder or message level. As an added bonus, both folders and messages can be managed based on a wide variety of selection criteria, not just dates.

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