As professionals in the IT world, we understand the complexities and expense associated with managing large volumes of data – we deal with it every day. Those challenges are a bit more difficult to convey to a CEO, CFO or other manager who is frequently targeted (often by storage providers) with countless messages of how  “storage is cheap.” I recently ran across a very informative infographic that truly illustrates the enormity of growth in unstructured data.

Compiled by telecommunications provider CenturyLink with contributions from a blog by Business Analytics, the conclusion is that we are all on track to amass a data backlog equivalent to 18 million Libraries of Congress by the year 2015. This graphic is a great tool for helping your management understand how rapidly unstructured data volumes are growing, as well as some of the factors contributing to that growth. Here is a link to the entire infographic:

The Digital Deluge Infographic

While this information is being reported in aggregate, it clearly points out how the abundance of smart devices, online users and “shadow data” is fueling the growth curve.

Here at Sherpa Software, we are working hard to develop tools that give our customers control over unstructured data within their organization. Attender Online has always been able to locate, inventory and manage files (Office documents, media files, graphics, etc.) and email. Recently, we’ve extended the service to include content stored in Microsoft SharePoint.

Attender Online supplements SharePoint’s latest features by providing a robust way to expire, copy or delete content using a powerful workflow processing engine. Also, since security is the ultimate priority, Attender Online policies are enforced in-place at each customer site, preventing any risk of business-critical information leaking outside your organization.

To learn how you can use Attender Online to manage your own data deluge, join us for one of our “Attender Online Tuesday” demonar sessions in September, or simply contact your Sherpa sales consultant.

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