By: Rick Wilson

Microsoft announced that the company is adding auto-scaling for web apps to its Azure cloud-computing platform. This will allow developers to dynamically scale their cloud server capacity on Azure automatically as needed. Users can, of course, set a maximum and minimum number of servers to run at any given time.

Enabling this feature just takes a few clicks in the Azure management console, and in addition to setting the number of servers to use, developers can also set a target CPU load for every one of these servers. Once a web app needs more CPU capacity — or if the storage queue gets too long — it can then spin up a new server.

Other than making apps more responsive, one of the main reasons to use auto-scaling is, of course, to save money; there is no reason to pay for servers that are not actually in use. Azure will give users a general idea of how much they can save when they turn this feature on for their accounts.

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