We have been busy with creating some new offerings that are all a hybrid of products and services. When most people hear the word product, there is a common thought as to what is being referenced. However, when people hear the word services, it has many connotations.

At Sherpa, we also have multiple meanings for the word services. However, in this context, the word does not mean that Sherpa would be sending someone on-site to perform professional services. Instead,  it means that we provide a product that is installed on your Domino server(s) that performs a specific action (e.g. decrypting messages). This process uses Web Services to authenticate how much data that you have been authorized to manage (what you have purchased, e.g. 5 TB), and also keeps track of how much data has already been processed (e.g. 3 TB).

The five of the current Domino service products that we offer do not require a Sherpa representative to be involved in any way during processing. This means that although you could decide to engage us to perform this processing, you could also do it yourself. It simply means the choice is yours.

Here is a brief description of the five Domino service offerings and the business reason behind each of them:

Consolidation Attender

Description: This moves/copies all archive messages (local or server-based) into either a server-based consolidated archive or back into the mail file for the user.

Business reason: There are two typical business reasons to use Consolidation Attender;

1. You need to consolidate/centralize your data for backup, e-discovery, etc. purposes.

2. You are looking to migrate to another messaging solution, and needing to bring all of the archived messages back into a centralized database before migrating.

DAOS Attender

Description: Verifies the existence of attachments within the DAOS data store.

Business reason: Ensures that all attachments are valid and/or provides a list of attachments that are no longer in DAOS, though DAOS reports that they do exist. This is useful to determine before migrating to another messaging solution.

Decryption Attender

Description: Decrypts all encrypted messages within mail files, archive databases and journals.

Business reason: There are two typical business reasons to decrypt the messages;

1. Discovery must be performed and encrypted messages cannot be fully searched

2. You are migrating to another messaging solution, and the data must be decrypted in order to be migrated.

Design Attender

Description: Removes all duplicate design elements within a Domino database.

Business reason: If a database’s design has been compromised and contains duplicate design elements, Design Attender will remove the duplicates and report on what it deleted.

EML Attender

Description: Converts all messages from mail files into .eml files. Each message will be represented by a single .eml file.

Business reason: Used as a data transport tool when migrating to another messaging solution. Also allows easy viewing of any message using any .eml viewer (e.g. Mozilla, Outlook, etc.).

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