Just in time for the new year, the developer elves at Sherpa have cooked up a fresh service pack for Mail Attender 4.7, including a number of handy new features that you may find useful.

First off, it’s now possible to set the default owner of PST files to the current username. That is to say, Mail Attender can be configured to automatically assign ownership of the PST to the user logged onto the machine when the PST was found. However, if you later choose to run a subsequent scan for PST ownership and a different owner is found, the subsequent ownership value takes precedence.

There’s also a new option to create a store group based on PST ownership status. This is an option in the Auto-query section with a new option in the dropdown that will allow you to select owner criteria. This group can then be used in a rule to target PST files based on whether or not they have been assigned an owner.

A new PST setting called “PST Ignore Sharepoint”  is a great tool for distinguishing between messages sent by actual human beings versus those generated by robots. Enabling this option prevents any Sharepoint-generated PST files from being added into the Mail Attender database.

Statistics can now be emailed, either manually or on a scheduled basis. These options are available in each of the four store sections under the Statistics node.

Finally, new functionality has been added to the Desktop component. Mail Attender’s optional Desktop component is an additional piece of software that is installed on users’ networked workstations to provide information to the main Mail Attender Console about any PST files residing locally. New settings give the administrators added control when communication between the main console and a remote workstation is lost.

For more information about these new features, contact your Sherpa Software support representative.