By: Kevin Ogrodnik

Did you know that a new comprehensive tool exists for or Microsoft Exchange email management?

Sherpa’s Mail Attender version 5.0 offers full Exchange 2013 and Microsoft 365 support. One of the most important benefits of the upgrade is the ability to facilitate migration to Exchange 2013 or Microsoft 365.

You can prepare files for migration based on age, size, content and a variety of other criteria. Since Mail Attender treats users’ mailbox and online archive as separate stores, it creates the ability to apply rules before things get out of control. For instance, if you want to establish a two-year retention policy for an inbox, but want an online archive inbox to have a five-year retention policy, Mail Attender can easily achieve these tasks.

Other significant improvements include 64-bit support and the fact that version 5.0 makes it possible to administer Microsoft 365 mail stores.

If you have made the decision to move your mail to the cloud or are thinking about it, you will be able to use Mail Attender to migrate and also manage data efficiently moving forward.