One of the many things I focus on in my day job is Email Management. Helping customers once they’ve built a Compliance and Email Management policy is usually where I come in. When installing our Email Archiving Systems, I tend to ask a lot of questions trying to find out what the reasoning is behind their decisions. What stuns me most, is how many of these policies are not well planned or thought out. Many times, the companies buy the software first, then decide to build a policy around it. Others have a plan in place but haven’t asked all the necessary questions. I try to bring these questions up and create more discussion to help them get the right documentation in place before they get started.
So, this has prompted me to build a series of posts on this very subject. I plan to take a deep dive into what you should be thinking about as you build an Email Retention Policy and look to find a software to implement your policy.

At the current time, I have a 7 part series planned. As I start to write, I’m hoping that it evolves into much more. My goal is to build documentation that can help anyone with any Information Management Challenges they may face.

Initially, I plan to have topics on the following:

  1. Who and what are driving your policy?
  2. What data do you need to keep?
  3. Data storge and access
  4. What to look for in a solution
  5. Remember the End-users – How does it affect them?
  6. E-discovery and litigation – Are you ready?
  7. Key points to remember

So check back often and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. Most importantly, let me know what challenges you’ve faced.