It’s more than good business…

Rick Wilson has increased capabilities for countless Sherpa clients – helping IT managers to assess business requirements and create effective policies for email archiving and retention.

Rick speaks to an attendee at a trade show about their business needs.

Rick Wilson speaks to a trade show attendee about their business needs.

The ability to selectively archive information is not only good business practice, it’s often legally essential. Information can be easily moved to a secure location, users can be given access rights when necessary and retention policies can be enforced to purge old or unwanted data at the end of its life cycle with email archiving software like our Archive Attender and Mail Attender.

As a solutions architect, Wilson works side-by-side with Sherpa’s sales team to understand each customer’s unique business and technical needs. He then combines products and services into a solution offering that best fits their particular situation. In his previous role as a product manager, he participated in the overall design of the Attender Utilities for Microsoft Exchange products: Archive Attender, Mail Attender and PST Backup Attender. Recently, Rick has been closely involved with the development of Attender Online, Sherpa Software’s SaaS offering.

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