Insight on Insider Threats & Pragmatic Protection

With so much of the workforce working from home (often without the protection of corporate security systems) the insider threat related to security is at the forefront of many discussions. Even prior to COVID-19, more people were working from home than ever before. According to the Bureau of Labor, 25% of Americans performed some work from their homes in 2017-2018. Additionally, the Federal Reserve reports that the share of the workforce that works from home has tripled in the last 15 years.

During a Data Connectors virtual conference, Sherpa Software’s VP of Strategy & Solutions Rick Wilson reviewed insider threat considerations — both intentional and accidental — that a dispersed workforce can present. He also shared some real-world examples of how some of our Fortune 500 customers mitigate their insider risk factors.

Sherpa Software solutions reduce insider risk — whether it’s the result of malice or oversight — by finding, classifying and managing data. Our automated, verifiable data mitigation and retention policies benefit your company and your customers or clients.

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