Today’s IT managers know that issues in email management include enforcement of retention policies, search and archive solutions, reduction of storage space and protection of document authenticity.

Sherpa Software’s Shoshanna Mahler, technical support specialist, suggests that maintaining email policy reduces costs, increases efficiency and can help protect a company from legal liabilities.

Sherpa Software can keep your company from dealing with legal issues concerning your data.

Quite plainly, an organization is liable for the information it keeps. A common mistake is to attempt to introduce a policy once litigation has begun, and it is most often too late.

The email communications an organization’s employees compose, send or forward either internally or externally also need to be in line with corporate and regulatory compliance requirements. With Sherpa’s regulatory compliance software, you can govern how email is used by end-users in accordance to the rules impacting your organization. Maintain the integrity of information by prohibiting users from editing/deleting emails with specific content, and prevent confidential emails and attachments from being delivered based on administrator-specified qualifications with Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes.

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