Sherpa Software’s professional services arm is picking up some steam. Although all of Sherpa’s email management products for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange have been built to be simple to deploy and use with minimal support, there have been occasional requests from customers over the years, for assistance in configuring our products to meet their specific needs or in some cases even help in formulating their requirements. Several instances of this last request has prompted one of our blog authors, Denny Russell, to write a 7-part series on developing email retention policies.

About a year ago, Sherpa began offering professional services as a formal add-on to our products. During that time, there have been requests to perform on-site installations of our products, assist with eDiscovery compliance, solve email data storage problems, help enforce corporate retention policies, offer formal training on our products and resolve other information management challenges. Lately, perhaps reflecting market trends, there have been a number of requests for help with PST migration into cloud data repositories. Most of these engagements involve the consolidation of data from multiple PST files, distributed throughout an organization on fileservers and on users’ desktops, into a single, central repository from where this archived PST data may be collected and shipped to a cloud vendor. Using Sherpa’s PST tools and our expertise in PST management, Sherpa offers customers a flexible array of options to accomplish this.

So if you decide to move your email to the cloud and have historical data in PST files needing to be migrated, contact Sherpa Software; we may be able to help.