The software has evolved but the focus remains the same – equipping organizations with the ability to protect and manage their sensitive data

On September 1, 2019, Sherpa Software will celebrate 19 years in business – a rare feat for organizations in the software landscape. From signing the dotted line with their first customer to working with 3,500+ customers globally, Sherpa has pioneered the way people are managing their sensitive data.

In 1997, Jeff Tujetsch, Senior Solutions Architect at Sherpa Software, saw a need for deleting unwanted – and potentially risky – emails on Domino servers. He developed Sherpa’s flagship product, Mail Attender, which was quick to gain popularity and lead to the creation of Sherpa Software.

“It’s amazing to think that we’ve been selling Mail Attender for 22 years. We never thought this idea would amount to a successful organization like it is today,” said Tujetsch.

Fast forward to present day where Sherpa Software offers a SaaS-based platform called Altitude. Altitude can locate, classify, delete, and manage data from anywhere within the organization, including on end-user workstations/laptops. Although the technology has evolved, Sherpa stays committed to offering organizations a way to minimize risk exposure and comply with regulations.

Sherpa Software CEO Kevin Ogrodnik has been with the company for 17 years and has seen the industry change quite a bit. “It has been interesting to see the waves of data management trends over the years. The excitement is in the adaptation and staying up-to-speed with our customer needs. We’ll always continue to provide the best software and services in our industry – it’s who we are.”

Above: Article from 1999 when Mail Attender began to build traction.

“We’ll always continue to provide the best software and services in our industry - it’s who we are.”