More and more lately, organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions, including hosted email. Arguably, the most popular cloud-based platform for business email is Microsoft’s Microsoft 365. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of Sherpa Software’s customers have been migrating their email to the cloud, but still want to manage and search email just as they did with their on-premises systems. Fortunately, the need to support the Microsoft 365 platform is something that our developers recognized early on and addressed in the relevant Sherpa Software products.

To begin, Mail Attender for Exchange is capable of managing mailboxes, archives or public folders located in the Microsoft 365 cloud. Moreover, Discovery Attender for Windows can search Microsoft 365, filtering on a host of criteria such as keywords, message data, sender/recipient, message or attachment size, etc. The Discovery Attender Pre-Search tool also offers functionality to export Microsoft 365 messages to the popular PST and EML message formats.

In addition to the standard “live” Exchange mailboxes, archives, PST files and other email stores that Mail Attender can be pointed to, Microsoft 365 Mailboxes, Archives and Public Folders are available for processing as well.

1. MA Stores

Above: Microsoft 365 Public Folders, Archives and Mailboxes folders.

Attributes of the Microsoft 365 mail stores, folders, messages and attachments can be queried just like any other email store. For example, you can look for mailboxes that are over a particular size threshold, messages older than a certain date, or messages that contain attachments.

Mail Attender not only looks for conditions that may exist with the Microsoft 365 mail store, but also use them as a destination to copy or move messages to or between them.

2. MA Actions

Sherpa’s eDiscovery tool, Discovery Attender, can also reach into Microsoft 365 mailboxes. Once pointed to the Microsoft 365 target, Discovery Attender can query a number of properties to locate messages or attachments containing specific keywords or addresses.

3. DA Search

Dates and size can also be used as search criteria. What’s more, Discovery Attender’s server filtering feature can be used to increase the speed of searches that otherwise might be bogged down by excessive network traffic.

In order to access these resources, be aware that Sherpa recommends selecting an Microsoft 365 Master Account. This Master Account is typically an existing Microsoft 365 administrative account (mailbox) that has been granted the impersonation rights needed to access other Microsoft 365 mailboxes or archives. Mail Attender and Discovery Attender then use this Master Account to run rules, gather statistics, run searches, or convert data within the Microsoft 365 environment.

The increasing popularity of Microsoft 365 has created many challenges when it comes to data migration. Sherpa Software’s Altitude IG can help make your migration a walk in the clouds with attachment management, content filtering, public folder management and PST importing. You made the decision to migrate – now it’s time to decide what to do with all the legacy data. Sherpa has a long history of offering PST management and migration solutions that make dealing with dangerous PST files both simple and carefree; Sherpa’s suite of solutions offer this same simplicity for many migration-related tasks.

For more information on application impersonation in Microsoft 365, please refer to this Microsoft technical

If you’re contemplating moving your email to the cloud, but feel you’ll be potentially missing out on the email management and eDiscovery tools that Sherpa provides, fear not! Sherpa’s Altitude IG, Mail Attender and Discovery Attender tools are fully Microsoft 365-compatible! Learn more at