As with most administrative tools, a lot of our customers try to figure out why something is not working prior to contacting support.  Although they may figure out the solution on their own, they often end up doing more harm than good.

If you are having issues with your Sherpa Software product, it is imperative to contact support in a timely manner.  We can often determine the issue within a few minutes, whereas it may take someone not as familiar with our products several hours (if not longer).  Additionally, if you wait too long to contact support, there is a chance there may have been changes in your environment that you may not remember and could have caused the issue.  For example, an upgrade to Outlook may be preventing you from connecting to a mailbox.

There are additional benefits when you contact Sherpa Software.  We are constantly adding new features to our products of which you may not be aware and these could benefit you.  Also, since our new features are driven by our customers, you could be providing valuable feedback to help their development.

In addition to our support staff, there is also online help available to you.  By logging into our website, you can search through our technical documents for any errors you are seeing.  For example, if you come across the error, MAPI_E_FAILONEPROIVER, you can search our online documents and determine that this is typically a permissions issue in Exchange.  Not only will you find out why this error is being thrown, but you will also see how to remedy it.

If you are having issues with your email environment, contact Sherpa support today! We are here to help!