Spring cleaning – a time when everyone is ready to rid themselves of the winter months and refresh their homes, cars, workstations and even wardrobe. By now you’re probably receiving multiple online deals for carpet cleaning, auto-detailing, and personal cleaning services, and while all of this is most likely needed, we can’t help but ask, “What about cleaning your data?”  We know this isn’t the most common project that comes to mind each spring, but what do you expect from an information governance solution provider like Sherpa Software?

ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial information) is a common phrase use within the industry. Basically, it consists of all the information that a company keeps but doesn’t necessarily need, including:

  • Email conversations between coworkers
  • Outdated contact information
  • Broken links and missing web content
  • Duplicate information

Chances are, your organization has more than just four months of ROT built up over the course of a long winter. In fact, according to AIIM.org, as much as 80% of electronically stored information is ROT. That’s a lot of non-essential information taking up vital storage space. This can cause a ton of issues for organizations including information risk, storage costs, and wasted time and resources.

Although ROT is a major problem, we like to refer to it as the “low hanging fruit” of content analysis.  This type of data can easily be found and removed, as long as you know what to look for and where. Your organization just needs to dedicate some time towards scrubbing away ROT, rather than throwing more money into storage space.

So, where do you start? First, know your options. There are solutions available to organizations of all shapes and sizes, such as Sherpa Altitude IG®. Altitude IG’s Reports & Analytics technology will locate and inventory unstructured data throughout your organization. Then, it will help you visually assess core areas of information governance concern, including ROT, intellectual property and risk, and data inventory. Altitude IG’s visual reporting offers standardized views into these areas of concern. From here, your organization knows which data to eliminate first.

Figure 1: Altitude IG's Reports & Analytics module

Figure 1: Altitude IG’s Reports & Analytics module


It’s time to scrub away ROT with this year’s Spring Cleaning! Register for a free 15-minute preview of Altitude IG’s Reports & Analytics module to see for yourself just how easy and efficient this task can be. Data is managed in place (behind the firewall) and not stored in the cloud, mitigating risk while maximizing control of your organization’s electronic assets. Sherpa Software supports Altitude IG with best-in-class customer service from a company that has been developing technology to manage electronic content for over 15 years. Get started today!