Cloud-based email offerings have become one of the hottest trends and is a consideration for IT departments across the globe.  By migrating email to hosted providers, companies allow vendors to handle all the pesky details of hardware and network management while they focus on their own core business.  Because of this, many organizations have seen improved efficiency and expanded access, not to mention cost savings from reduced overhead.

The two biggest players in the field, Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 and Google for Work, now dominate the hosted market with their respective Exchange and Gmail-based offerings.  Although these behemoths have integrated tools for email discovery, retention, and analysis, some users may find the default options too costly or otherwise inadequate due to lack of feature functionality.  Sherpa Software recognizes these gaps and actively works on filling them with solutions like Sherpa Altitude IG®.  Sherpa Altitude IG is a platform that features a set of integrated modules that deliver enterprise class governance capabilities. Its value resides in its ability to manage and govern information across a wide-array of content.  If you’re not looking for a complete platform, Altitude IG is available as individual modules including eDiscovery, policy enforcement and reporting and analytics.

Management of Microsoft’s Exchange-based email stores has long been one of Sherpa Software’s core competencies.  Altitude’s feature set has followed Microsoft’s move to the cloud.  Designed as a hybrid solution to take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud while maintaining the security of on-premises products, this feature rich solution searches and applies policy to Microsoft 365.  Using native EWS communication protocols, Altitude gives users the ability to fulfill their legal, records management and compliance needs, as Altitude is not limited to email.  Agents deploy policy through a robust set of rules and criteria that can cover the entire enterprise including desktops, network shares and other data stores.  Altitude’s capabilities will be further expanded when Google for Work components become available in the near future.

Outside of Altitude, Sherpa offers a secondary option called Discovery Attender, a small footprint application with an eDiscovery focus.  Searching, reporting and exporting features are identical for on-premises and Microsoft 365. While Gmail is not yet addressed directly, Discovery Attender’s integrated PreSearch tool allows users to collect data from any IMAP based data store or convert mbox files (Gmail’s archive format) to more convenient formats.

Cloud-based platforms are trending and becoming a popular and very effective way for organizations to save money and reduce overhead.  With products like Altitude IG and Discovery Attender, businesses can integrate tools for email discovery, retention, and analysis.  If you would like to learn more about Sherpa Software and our signature platform, Altitude IG, Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to schedule a demo of our solutions for addressing cloud email or any other information management needs.