The best way to understand the complexities of PST migration is to look at a specific business case example. A leading global payment services company, with over 10,000 users, was tasked with locating all PST data throughout their network and moving it into Microsoft Exchange’s Online Archives. To make matters even more challenging, each user had anywhere from three to 150 PST files, making it close to a petabyte of PST data. Furthermore, this data was dispersed across their entire network on network shares and on the local users’ machines. Locating and ingesting all of this data manually was clearly not an option.

In this Sherpa Approach paper, we will answer the following questions through the exploration of this real life customer’s PST migration story:

Why do companies choose to migrate PSTs?
What are popular PST migration targets?
What issues arise when migrating PSTs?
Why use Mail Attender to perform your PST migration project?

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