At Sherpa Software, we’ve built our business around helping individuals and businesses manage their email more effectively. Be it email archiving, electronic data discovery, or PST file migration, we provide a number of software solutions for email-related tasks. One of our primary goals is to make email management and compliance easier and more effective for our customers. The better your experience with our products, the easier your day-to-day email operations become.

In reflecting upon this overarching goal, we got to thinking about some of the great email companies out there – companies whose applications and add-ons have changed the way that people use email. And, although we’re a software company, we thought it might be interesting to share with you three of our favorite applications. There’s a fair chance that you’ve heard of one, two, or all three of the following companies. If you haven’t, though, we’re happy to introduce you!

1. MailChimp – Email Marketing

When it comes to email newsletters, there are few web applications so well designed, savvy, and integrated as MailChimp. MailChimp allows you to create and manage massive subscriber lists, design custom newsletter templates, and – most importantly – track the results of your marketing efforts. If you don’t have time to design a custom template, you can choose from MailChimp’s database of pre-made templates. There’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for clean and corporate or fun and colorful.

mailchimp email application

The application’s elegant, intuitive user interface is complemented by a number of awesome list and campaign management features. Quite simply, it’s made distributing personal or business newsletters a recurring joy. What’s more is that you’re not just sending and sitting in the dark; you’re sending and receiving valuable information via the app’s in depth analytics. The best part? Under 2000 subscribers, MailChimp is free!

2. Rapportive – Rich Contact Profiles

Using Gmail for personal or business email? Sick of those bland sidebar advertisements? Perhaps you should try Rapportive – the popular browser add-on that augments your contact profiles. Let us explain further. Rapportive replaces the ads in the right sidebar of your Gmail inbox with contact profiles packed with pertinent, useful information.

You get a handsome picture, social media profile options, recent tweets, current location, etc. – all information that just might be relevant to the email you’re about to send. Rapportive eliminates the need for emails with questions like: “Where are you right now?” or “What’s your Twitter handle?” or “What company are you with currently?”. It’s about making email conversations easier and more efficient.

3. Boomerang for Gmail – Schedule Emails & Reminders

The kind of reception that a blog post or news article gets has a lot to do with timing. The same goes for individual emails. Boomerang for Gmail lets you schedule emails to be delivered at a particular time and delivers those emails without a hitch. A popular use case:

You’re looking for a new job, and you find this great company that’s looking for someone like you. In a frenzy of excitement and diligence, you stay up til three in the morning revising your resume and writing your cover letter. Once finished, you want to send the email immediately. Then it hits you; it’s three in the morning. While it might not make a difference, it would probably be a tad more professional if you sent the email at a reasonable hour. And plus, what if your might-be boss has a ringer set up for email notifications!? Boomerang for Gmail to the rescue! You simply schedule the message to be delivered at 9am the next morning (attachments and all) and fall into a peaceful slumber. You can rest assured that your email will be delivered.

Boomerang does email reminders, as well. Say you’re reaching out to an old friend about a job opportunity and haven’t heard back from her. With Boomerang, you can schedule a reminder to pop up after a given amount of time with no reply. This way, you avoid pestering while retaining persistence. Pretty cool, huh?

The purpose of each of these email applications is to make your life easier. As an email software company whose main goal is right along those lines, we can get behind each of them. So, if you get the time, give ’em a try! Let us know what you think! Or, if you’re already using one, two, or all three, tell us how doing so has made your life easier. Leave your responses in the comments below!

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