Sherpa Enhances Data Discovery Processes to Operationalize Global Compliance and Risk Management

TrustArc, the leader in privacy compliance and data protection solutions, announced Data Inventory Hub, which revolutionizes the process for creating and managing a centralized data inventory and data flow maps. Data Inventory Hub, helps companies understand how customer and employee data is used and where it resides within the business ecosystem so they can manage privacy and compliance risks for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Brazil LGPD, and other global requirements.

Data Inventory Hub is part of the TrustArc Platform and combines privacy expertise developed over thousands of customer engagements with proven technology and integrations with market-leading data discovery tools to provide a streamlined, easy-to-use solution. The solution enables companies to easily identify and inventory data usage, create visual data flow maps, support DSAR / consumer rights requests, generate compliance reports, maintain audit trails, and much more.

“The first step in building a compliant privacy program is to develop a comprehensive inventory of data use. We’re excited to be working with TrustArc to help customers tackle this complex challenge — wedding Sherpa’s powerful data discovery to TrustArc’s data inventory and mapping capabilities,” said Kevin Ogrodnik, CEO of Sherpa Software.

Data Inventory Hub can integrate with other IT systems, including data discovery solutions, to streamline metadata input and use of existing data inventory information to power privacy program processes and controls.

“In order to fully assess privacy and compliance risks, companies need to understand how customer and employee data is used and where it resides,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TrustArc. “This includes what data is collected, where it is stored, who it is shared with and how long it is retained. For a large enterprise, a data inventory can entail hundreds to thousands of websites, systems and vendors, which creates a complex and overwhelming task to manage. Data Inventory Hub simplifies the process of creating and managing a data inventory and data flow maps and using that information to manage the privacy program and supporting processes across the organization.”


Data Inventory Hub Streamlines Core Privacy Management Functions

  • Comprehensive Data Inventory: Build and manage a centralized and detailed data inventory of IT systems, third parties (vendors) and company affiliates across the organization.
  • Automated Data Flow Mapping: Automatically generate data flow maps that visually identify where employee and customer data resides and how that data moves through the business ecosystem.
  • Actionable Program Management: Access to a customizable dashboard with privacy KPIs, regulatory news feed and Privacy Profile regulatory analysis.
  • On-Demand Compliance Reporting: Create GDPR Article 30 reports and documentation to support CCPA look back and other internal compliance requirements.

Data Inventory Hub is part of the TrustArc Platform which provides capabilities to manage data inventory and mapping, privacy compliance assessments, vendor risk, cookie consent, DSAR / consumer rights requests and much more. For more information, visit: TrustArc Data Inventory Hub.