Despite some sensational claims that email is dead, we can probably agree that we will have email for many years to come. It remains a core business tool.

However, maintaining an email infrastructure doesn’t come cheaply. In addition to the tangible costs of hardware, software, staffing, maintenance, and training, there are intangible costs associated with email, too. Downtime caused by email-borne viruses and management of SPAM are well recognized. But, what about the costs of your outbound email?

What’s at Stake?

Data Loss Prevention (or Data Leakage Prevention) is meant to ensure that your proprietary or sensitive information remains safe and accessible while it also protects against that information leaking outside your company. Since email is the largest channel of outbound information for most companies, it merits serious attention when discussing Data Loss Prevention.

If it does not seem important to scan outbound email for compliance or data leakage prevention, consider what happened to UBS. UK’s The Telegraph reported that “a banker at UBS has allegedly cost the Swiss bank an estimated $10m (£6.2m) in fees after he sent an email detailing General Motors’ upcoming flotation to more than 100 people.” 1

Aside from a high-profile case like UBS’s, there are many thousands more that do not earn a headline, but are certainly costly. The good news is that litigation, lost business, and damaged reputation—all costs of errant email—can be prevented.

Solutions for Domino

The built-in Mail Rules facility within Domino can provide entry-level filtering of messages based on content and addresses. Delivery of messages, whether inbound or outbound, can be prevented if, for example, the body or subject contains keywords you specify. Also, a non-delivery report (NDR) can be sent to the sender or a copy of the stopped message can be saved for review in, what is called, a “graveyard.” Since this functionality is included for free with your Domino server software, you should see if this would be sufficient to meet your needs.

Many of our customers, however, have expressed the desire for features that Domino’s built-in functionality lacks. For example, being able to manage the graveyard repository for size and retention, being able to centrally store as many graveyards as needed for different business reasons, or being able to specify text patterns in the selection criteria.

For this reason, Sherpa Software has created Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes. Compliance Attender encompasses all the functionality of Domino’s Mail Rules and fills in many of the features our customers have asked for. Compliance Attender may be your next-step solution in fighting data leakage.


We will have email with us for the foreseeable future and will have to manage both the tangible and intangible costs. Sherpa Software’s Attender tools are designed to help you keep both kinds of cost under control. Do you have half an hour? Why not get a free demo and see for yourself?

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