California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Following in the EU’s GDPR footsteps, the CCPA was introduced in efforts to provide California residents with the right to control data that companies collect about them. The GDPR enforces a 4% fine on all revenue for violators, whereas the CCPA opens up the ability to sue companies that don’t comply. On January 1, 2020, many wide-ranging privacy rights will go into effect.

CCPA presents new challenges and requirements for companies who must comply, including:

  • Identifying relevant, in-scope data
  • Determining how this data is being processed
  • Knowing which service providers and third parties control or process protected data
  • Mapping a path to compliance

Source: BDO “Yellow Brick Road: From GDPR to CCPA”

How Sherpa Software Can Help You Prepare for CCPA Compliance

Conduct A Data Inventory- Right to Know Data
Identify CCPA-relevant personal data stored in unstructured repositories throughout your enterprise including: email, file shares, PSTs, Google, SharePoint, and Windows workstations.

Right to be Informed of Categories & Right to Delete
Locate where data is held and what categories it may be included in. Once data is located, comply with a data subject’s request to present and remove its data by deleting it.

Classify Content for Future Disposition
Use customized workflows to classify your content based upon criteria specific to CCPA. For example, tag items with a “CCPA Risk” label. Once these labels are applied they can be used to power a future governance strategy such as relocating any CCPA Risk item to a secure location.

Information Security
Limit risk by enforcing retention policies within your organization that proactively eliminate at-risk and ROT (redundant, outdated, trivial) information.

Experts agree that 2019 is the right time to plan and implement your CCPA compliance strategy. Rather than waiting until January 2020 when the law comes into effect, begin now by identifying at-risk content then planning to manage, protect, and monitor it. Sherpa Altitude is a complete and cost-effective data governance solution that can help you mitigate risk, maximize control and avoid non-compliance penalties costs.

“Sherpa Altitude has saved us hundreds of hours and, more than that, it was so simple and took the stress out of the project. I would highly recommend this solution to anyone in the same position.”
 – Logan Hayes, Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.

Don’t become the next big breach. Elevate your data management with Sherpa Altitude.

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