“Altitude IG saved us hundreds of hours and, more than that, it was simple and took the stress out of the project.”

– Logan Hayes, Cal-Maine IT Department

The Challenge

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. is the largest producer and marketer of shell eggs in the United States. When they found themselves in the middle of an active litigation matter, they needed to locate and save emails from the employees who were being placed on legal hold. The chosen solution would need to save the old emails as PST files for ingestion into a cloud archive. Moreover, each PST had a 10 gigabyte limit as defined by the cloud vendor. Any mailboxes that exceeded 10 GB would need to be broken down into individual PST files with 10 GB maximum size.

Using Exchange’s built-in tools requires moving files mailbox by mailbox, which would take a huge amount of time and money to search and move data. Cal-Maine needed a solution that could point a tool at its Exchange server, search all the files, and if necessary, create a single PST file or multiple PST files for any mailboxes over 10 GB.

The Solution

One of the biggest challenges of eDiscovery is the speed with which litigation can arise and the need to react quickly; failure to comply immediately or execute the process correctly can have serious consequences on an organization, including increased costs and fines. If any data relevant to a legal matter is destroyed – even accidentally – the results can be costly complications, adverse judgments, and sanctions in court.

Since Cal-Maine was reacting to an active legal matter, they needed a reliable and affordable solution as quickly as possible. So they turned to Sherpa. Cal-Maine had relied on Sherpa’s on-premises eDiscovery search and collection software Discovery Attender for the past six years, and wanted a solution that offered the same ease of use and exceptional customer support. The answer was Altitude IG, Sherpa’s complete and cost-effective information governance and eDiscovery platform.

Altitude was able to locate the several hundred specified mailboxes, report on all the file sizes, and automate the extraction of data to PST files with a maximum size of 10 GB. A total of 5 terabytes of data was migrated from user mailboxes into PST files. This met all of Cal-Maine’s objectives while adhering to the obligations imposed by the current litigation.


After several months of use, Cal-Maine Foods was extremely pleased with how well Altitude worked. “I would highly recommend this solution to anyone in the same position we found ourselves. Altitude IG has saved us hundreds of hours and, more than that, it was simple and took the stress out of the project,” stated Logan Hayes from Cal-Maine’s IT Department. Mr. Hayes was also very impressed with the technical support team at Sherpa: “I worked with Sherpa’s customer success team and they were amazing. They were always there when I needed them or had questions. They stay connected and are always asking if they can help. Great job and great interaction with the customer.”