“We could never have achieved manually what Sherpa has enabled us to accomplish automatically, and we’re saving money on disk space, too. The product is very intuitive and has provided a lot of value to our company.”

– John L. Davis, Business Systems Analyst


Eastman Kodak, a name synonymous with photography itself, needed a solution that would enable it to comply with its legal department’s request for stricter email management. Specifically, legal mandated that documents stored in end user’s email applications must be deleted after 45 days and that there should be quotas on the size of end user’s email files. Initially, the directive applied to Eastman Kodak’s use of Lotus Notes, but later the company began supporting Microsoft Exchange, so it needed a solution to manage both platforms.

Sherpa Software Solution

Eastman Kodak selected Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender for Domino and Mail Attender for Exchange products to tackle this daunting challenge. Using the products, Eastman Kodak can automatically remove emails from mail files and ensure size quotas. Many problems have been solved thanks to Mail Attender. For example, one user allowed his email calendar to exceed 5,000 “to-do” items, at which point he was not able to open the calendar. Eastman Kodak used Mail Attender to delete the to-do items, which solved the problem. According to Eastman Kodak, “the Sherpa products are very flexible, feature-rich and meet our needs for cross-platform support. Sherpa’s software has many more features than competitive products, it was easier to deploy, and has proven to be the best fit for our environment.”


Eastman Kodak took its time deploying Mail Attender to ensure its user base of over 60,000 accounts was prepared, but implementing the software was “very easy.” The company has not taken time to calculate specific return on investment for Sherpa products, but the ability to comply with legal’s mandate in a timely and scalable manner was extremely valuable. Also, Eastman Kodak says it could never have enforced a document purge manually, so automating this activity was critical. Finally, the company is saving money on disk space due to the use of Sherpa to ensure appropriate mail size limits.