“We’ve saved a lot of time and money thanks to Discovery Attender. I definitely recommend the product to any firm needing a discovery tool for legal matters.”

– Anthony Tsang, Senior Systems Engineer


Reservoir Capital Group, a privately held investment firm with $4.5 billion under management, purchased Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender for Microsoft Exchange product in 2009. The purchase was a response to an inquiry from Reservoir’s internal legal team regarding the need to locate files that were relevant to a specific legal matter. Since this situation, Reservoir has used Discovery Attender to address similar legal issues.

Sherpa Software Solution

Reservoir selected Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender for Microsoft Exchange after reviewing other vendors and products, which the company determined would be more expensive. Reservoir also considered conducting its discovery manually. In the end, Discovery Attender was chosen because it seemed the best fit for Reservoir’s needs. Reservoir preferred Discovery Attender for its robustness and ability to quickly and easily perform searches according to all of Reservoir’s terms and criteria. Reservoir also found Discovery Attender easy to use and without the steep learning curve of comparable systems.


Reservoir has been very satisfied with its use of Discovery Attender. The product has helped the company achieve its discovery-based legal goals, and Reservoir estimates it would’ve taken 10 times longer to perform its search manually without Discovery Attender. Also, Discovery Attender installed easily, enabling Reservoir to begin searching quickly, and Sherpa’s second-level support was “great.” “We’ve saved a lot of time and money with Discovery Attender,” noted Reservoir senior systems engineer, Anthony Tsang.