Slide Robust data classification software ●      The first step in mitigating risk in your organization
●      Imperative for implementing a reliable information governance strategy
●      A key step in the data-centric and audit protection process recommended by Gartner
With an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform for automated data discovery, classification and governance, Sherpa Software will bring the dark data hiding throughout your organization into the light. Get started today to get full clarity and control over your structured and unstructured data! It’s impossible to effectively manage your data if you don’t know what kind of sensitive data you have, its level of importance or where it is being stored. Identifying and classifying the content of your files is:

Use custom classification labels to find and protect PII, PCI, ePHI and other types of sensitive data

Classify data found on every computer, network file share, email system, the cloud and other disparate locations

Build recurring workflows to examine and label content by risk, business value, regulatory concerns and more

Automate policies on categorized data for security, compliance, legal, HR, IT and records management

Create audit reports to meet compliance requirements and direct remediation efforts

Proactively label data to enable faster, focused responses to security, legal and compliance incidents


Engage employees in your classification process

Improve buy-in and policy adherence by engaging employees in your file analysis and retention processes. Sherpa Software’s data classification software will:

  • Identify and tag risky documents on an employee’s device
  • Alert the user and allow the user to review
  • Provide action options — such as quarantine or delete — based on the data
  • Execute the appropriate action per employee guidance

By utilizing employee review and input, you can rapidly maximize information governance effectiveness to reduce business risk, protect sensitive information and secure valuable documents!


Monitor your data with category reports & analytics

After inventorying and classifying your data, use Sherpa Altitude’s reports and analytics tools to see where your most sensitive and highest value information is stored, and assess vulnerability to risks like insider threats and cyberattacks. Apply these insights to refine your data strategy to better protect your organization and save countless productivity hours and terabytes of space.

  • Construct data inventories that show current data structures and their changes over time
  • Allow departmental review of reports and selection of items for quarantine or deletion
  • Identify and delete ROT data, mitigating risk and reclaiming storage space
  • See the impact of retention policies and classification workflows via statistical trend reports


Achieving GDPR & CCPA compliance

GDPR and CCPA non-compliance can lead to major fines for businesses. To ensure compliance and avoid these costs, organizations are using Sherpa Software’s platform to identify and secure documents relevant to GDPR and CCPA requests and requirements.

  • Periodically scan unstructured repositories for terms indicating an EU or California address
  • Automatically label files found to pose a GDPR or CCPA regulatory risk
  • Move, delete, copy and/or otherwise classify tagged files via predefined workflows
  • Perform data subject access requests to answer compliance requirements

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Sherpa Software’s Altitude software platform provides a best-in-class, end-to-end solution for sensitive data discovery, data classification, file analysis and information governance, with affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes. With Altitude, users can easily:

  • Inventory: Sift through terabytes of dark data to find sensitive and risky information
  • Analyze: Present files for risk and importance review
  • Classify: Tag files with labels like sensitive, confidential, internal, public or ROT
  • Manage: Decide where data goes and what to do with it
  • Remediate Risk: Automate deletion, saving and/or quarantining

Contact us today to see how Altitude could help you mitigate risk, ensure privacy and Compliance, and protect sensitive data in your organization.

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