Slide Comprehensive data governance ●      Gain total visibility with access to data spread throughout your organization, including laptops and network file shares
●      Reduce vulnerabilities by managing sensitive data where it resides
●      Run recurring reports on the security of your environment
●      Ensure compliance by identifying content that may pose a GDPR or CCPA regulatory risk
●      Eliminate redundant, outdated or trivial (ROT) data by enforcing retention policies
Sherpa Software’s Altitude IG provides a simple-to-use, integrated platform that lets organizations:

Discover, classify and inventory data stored in email, local computers, file shares and more

Locate and produce data for regulatory compliance and internal investigations

Gain crucial clarity, organization, and control over your riskiest data

Defensibly delete ROT to reduce risk

Automate policies for security, compliance, legal, human resources, IT, and records management

Allow IT, legal, compliance and business owners to dictate standards and retention policies


For information governance across the organization

You can use Sherpa Software’s Altitude IG platform to find and manage structured and unstructured data everywhere your team works and in all the locations dark data is most likely to be hiding!


Discover and label sensitive data

By utilizing Altitude IG as your data classification software, you can gain crucial clarity, organization and control over your riskiest data without interrupting business operations.

  • Define classification labels to find, organize and protect sensitive data like PII, PCI and ePHI
  • Develop classification workflows that examine content and apply labels based on regulatory and internal privacy requirements
  • Create audit reports to meet internal organizational compliance requirements and remediate security vulnerabilities
  • Automate retention policies and run unlimited policy execution audits across your company’s data network


Visualize your data landscape with reports & analytics

Give shape to your organization’s data so leaders can fine-tune their data strategy and inform organizational decisions that save countless hours of productivity and terabytes of space.

  • Build data maps to provide visibility into your organization’s data structures
  • Delete ROT data and reclaim storage space to mitigate risk
  • See the impact of your retention policies with statistical trend reports
  • Allow departmental review to examine reports and select items for subsequent quarantine or deletion


American Textile to see a $60K+ ROI with Altitude

“Sherpa’s workflow engine gives us the tools we need to customize the exceptions — the if’s, then’s, and but’s: we can make our policy as complex as we need it to be.”

– John Miller, VP Information Technology, American Textile

Business Challenge

With data storage growing at a rate of 5 TBs per year and stored files dating back to 1999, American Textile needed an efficient way to customize and enforce retention policies to meet the varying needs of their stakeholders.

Business Results

Altitude’s infinitely customizable workflows enable the VP of Information Technology to set rules for retention and deletion based on departmental needs. With automated workflows running on a recurring basis, the company saves time and can avoid buying extra server space.

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Sherpa Software’s Altitude software platform provides a best-in-class, end-to-end solution for sensitive data discovery, file analysis and information governance, with affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes. With Altitude, users can easily:

  • Inventory: Sift through terabytes of dark data to find sensitive and risky information
  • Analyze: Present files for risk and importance review
  • Classify: Tag files with labels like sensitive, confidential, internal, public or ROT
  • Manage: Decide where data goes and what to do with it
  • Remediate Risk: Automate deletion, saving and/or quarantining

Contact us today to see how Altitude could help you mitigate risk, ensure privacy and compliance and protect sensitive data in your organization.

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