Do you know what your employees are storing on their workstations?

The next generation of information governance and compliance is here. Sherpa’s Altitude® IG gives you the reach to see the potential liabilities and risks hiding on any employee’s workstation. Whether you’re managing 10 laptops/desktops or 100,000, Altitude lets you proactively locate, analyze, and delete any type of unstructured data (email, Office documents, .wav files, and much more) to mitigate the risks associated with corporate, legal, and regulatory compliance. With Altitude IG, you can…

  • Locate, manage and delete PCI/PII/PHI data
  • Comply with GDPR Right to Know and Right to Be Forgotten
  • Reduce ROT (Redundant, Outdated and Trivial) information
  • Automate, track and audit policies on unstructured data
  • Search desktop files to find smoking guns
  • Manage PST File data on desktops and network
  • Enforce retention policies in Mailboxes and Archives
  • Control data sprawl across Network File Shares
  • Remediate Microsoft SharePoint data
  • And much more!

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