Legal Hold Software from Sherpa Software

Altitude IG Legal Hold

The easy, affordable platform to automate and track legal hold notifications

  • Issue Holds in Minutes
    When litigation rises, an organization must react quickly to avoid evidence spoliation. With Altitude IG Legal Hold, you can create a matter in minutes, issue hold notifications, and automatically notify a third party when notices are sent.
  • Automate Notifications, Responses, and Reminders
    Altitude IG Legal Hold notifications enable the custodian to accept with one click, while non-respondents may be scheduled to receive regular reminders. For long-term matters, you can also automate the sending of periodic hold reminders.
  • Send and Manage Questionnaires
    Altitude IG Legal Hold makes it easy to generate questionnaires that custodians can complete online. And it’s easy to attach important documents to hold notices: company policy, signatory pages, etc.
  • One-Screen Status Reporting
    No more spreadsheets! One simple screen shows you who’s on hold; when the hold was issued or closed; when the notification was sent; if it was acknowledged and when; and if relevant, who completed the questionnaire.
  • Enterprise Scalability
    Altitude IG Legal Hold can manage as many matters or custodians as you need – and when coupled with Altitude eDiscovery, enables you to search for relevant content in email, file shares, PSTs, SharePoint and every user workstation throughout the enterprise.
  • Simple, Affordable Pricing
    Pricing is based on the number of holds you manage per year, with unlimited custodians and users.

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