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The benefits and risks of an organization’s critical information assets are widely acknowledged, but how to harness those benefits and appropriately mitigate those risks continues to be real challenges for most organizations. There is an urgent need to ensure programs and solutions are designed to address the full life cycle of information in a comprehensive way. Where can an information professional turn for the most credible and authoritative education, solutions, and technologies? To ARMA International and ARMA InfoCon.

The networking opportunities and education sessions here will educate, empower, and embolden you so you can make a greater, more positive difference in your organization and community. 

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Data Minimization Tips & Tricks for Reducing Organizational Risk

Wed., October 23rd | 10:40 – 11:25 AM
Canal E (Sherpa/BDO Room)

Regulatory compliance mandates and the growing liability of managing large volumes of data has caused data minimization to become a great concern for organizations of all shapes and sizes. In fact, having the ability to quickly and effectively collect data, process workflows, and classify the content has become a must-have in order to mitigate many of the security risks that accompany high-volumes of data. In this session, you will learn tips, tricks, and best practices for minimizing your data and their associated risks.