Sherpa’s Altitude IG® software makes it easier to comply with GDPR regulations.

The GDPR includes significant new regulatory and reporting requirements. If you collect, transmit, or process data from EU citizens – even those living in the US — you may be required to comply with exactly this request: “Do you hold any of my personal data? What is that data? Please erase it.”

Sherpa’s Altitude IG® software is an easy, affordable solution for fulfilling three critical GDPR requirements:

  • Data Registries, which requires companies to locate and inventory their data to know where an individual’s personal information may reside
  • Right to Know, which requires the company to find all personal information on a given individual regardless of where it resides within the organization’s systems
  • Right to be Forgotten, which requires the company to delete any information the EU resident requests be deleted

Altitude enables you to quickly locate personal information across all your unstructured data — on every individual employee workstation, company fileshares, SharePoint, email, PSTs, and over 70 types of attachments – and then take the desired action. You’ll have a defensible, auditable process for knowing what data is stored, where it’s stored, and who owns the file, and then easily manage it with the automated workflow that suits your company policy: copy it, move it, quarantine it, or delete it.

And the cornerstone of any GDPR compliance program is adopting a policy to save only the data you need. Sherpa’s Altitude makes it easy to implement and automate data retention/deletion policies that are as complex as your company desires, with infinitely customizable workflows to save, move, copy, and delete data with whatever exceptions you need.

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