Slide Proactive insider threat mitigation ●     Storing files in forbidden locations
●     Not realizing the importance or sensitivity of files
●     Breaching client confidentiality agreements by saving or sending their data
●     Emailing files to home accounts
●     Saving sensitive or confidential data on PCs
●     Sending files to the wrong person
●     Sending incorrect files with sensitive data
Sherpa Software equips you to reduce insider risk by finding, classifying and managing data with automated, verifiable data mitigation and retention policies that benefit your company and your customers or clients. According to the Ponemon Institute, the number of incidents caused by insiders has skyrocketed 47% in just two years and that 62% of breaches are caused by accidental or malicious insiders. Whether malicious or accidental, these insider incidents on average cost organizations more than an outside breach and can take months to contain. Insider threat risks include:

Reduce employee access to sensitive data by locating and remediating PII, PCI, PHI and other private or confidential business or client data stored insecurely by employees or consultants

Preemptively classify documents by sensitivity and organizational value, enabling you to speed up incident responses by focusing on the most critical data

Analyze risk-prone data locations with ongoing data inventorying and risk assessment, mitigating threats via automated data governance policies (with options for employee review and approval)

Proactively monitor flight-risk employees with silent deployment and data management on PCs to protect company intellectual property along with other business and client information

Find and resolve threats in hours or days rather than weeks or months with search and destroy missions that immediately delete phishing emails and other dangerous files or data

Regulate policy adherence and CCPA/GDPR privacy compliance to reduce issue response times and lawsuit risks


Why trust Sherpa Software to protect you from insider threats?

Our clients see results like:

  • 48% data reduction from eliminating non-essential data
  • 23% reduction in incident response time
  • 4,000,000 messages deleted for 14,000 employees via ongoing policies
  • 9,500 social security numbers located and remediated
  • 10,000 credit card numbers located and remediated
  • 700,000 PST files with 12,000,000 messages remediated




Sherpa Software’s Altitude software platform provides a best-in-class, end-to-end solution for sensitive data discovery and information governance, with affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes. With Altitude, users can easily:

  • Inventory: Sift through terabytes of dark data to find sensitive and risky information
  • Analyze: Present files for risk and importance review
  • Classify: Tag files with labels like sensitive, confidential, internal or public
  • Manage: Decide where data goes and what to do with it
  • Remediate Risk: Automate data deletion, saving and/or quarantining


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