• Although the disruption of 2020 is behind us, many organizations are still in a state of flux. A larger percentage (maybe 100%) of your team is working from home and will continue to do so in the future or permanently.

    In Part 1: RECON, learn to look at the new types of data you’re now dealing with (e.g., recorded Zoom meetings) along with privacy concerns that have arisen (e.g., health screenings and contact tracing data). We outline the best ways to uncover the post-pandemic sensitive content on employee workstations, in cloud storage or anywhere else it may be hiding. Now’s the time to review your current approaches to this process to root out potential gaps and risks.



  • Now is the time to rethink your information governance and eDiscovery strategy. What content was haphazardly stashed over the last 12 months? How can you design, implement, and comply with a plan that will protect your data and meet policy requirements moving forward?

    In Part 2: INTEL, we outline how to extend records management policies and procedures to remote workforces? Should you adjust records retention schedules to accommodate new types of data? Discover best practices for evaluating your organization’s information to eliminate ROT as well as the proper way to apply classification to enforce ongoing records retention.


  • During this four-part series, Sherpa Software — along with its information governance partners — break down the process of instituting a comprehensive IG and eDiscovery strategy.

    In Part 3: OPSEC, learn about the best ways to handle data discovery remotely. Understand how to improve overall operational security — in a variety of scenarios — by preparing for litigation challenges and compliance requirements, such as DSAR/FOIA requests.




  • By completing each of steps of Operation IG Revamp: How to Comply with InfoGov and eDiscovery Requirements in a Post-COVID WFH World, you’ll be able to uncover data pitfalls and put plans in place that will keep your organization’s information orderly and compliant… all without being overwhelmed.

    In Part 4: ALLIES, hear first-hand accounts of how your peers are winning their battle to manage information and take away insights that will make your revamped information governance operation smart and efficient. We’ll wrap up Operation IG Revamp by sharing best practices that are emerging post-COVID