The Sherpa Story

At Sherpa Software, we refer to ourselves as Sherpas. We don’t actually compare what we do to the Sherpa people, an ethnic group who inhabit the national park surrounding Mt. Everest. We have too much respect for these skilled guides who risk their lives to help adventurers scale the world’s highest mountain. But we do share some similarities with our Himalayan namesakes. And you can trust that we take just as much pride and satisfaction out of guiding your information governance journey as the Sherpas of the Khumbu-valley take in helping climbers summit Everest.

First Ascent

In September of 2000, a small group of passionate, technology-minded people began a journey. Their first product was an email management program to help implement policies for IBM Notes email. The challenge for businesses at the time was they had mountains of email piling up and there was a growing need to automate policies for storage management and eDiscovery purposes. So naturally, when the creative types got involved to help create a brand for this business, they asked what we do. We said we guide people as they try to manage mountains of data. Their immediate response was, “Like Sherpas!” Thus, Sherpa Software was born.

For the next 13 years, we were guided by a mission to provide information professionals with superior customer service along with eDiscovery and information management solutions that were practical, reliable and affordable. We built awareness and a solid reputation by developing a software suite that handled all aspects of email management for IBM Notes and MS Exchange from policy enforcement to archiving, search and collection, reporting and PST management and migration. Two years ago, we decided to take another step in our evolution.

Next Level

The growth of electronically stored information has skyrocketed. We decided the best way to serve our customers was by taking our expertise in managing electronic content and extending it beyond email to all unstructured data including desktops, file shares, SharePoint, Office 365 and more.

Our first customer was
PNC Bank and almost 4,000 customers
later, including 30% of the Fortune 500, we still pride ourselves on providing software that guides your information lifecycle journey. From the time it’s created to its ultimate disposition, information needs to be managed and defensibly disposed of at the end of its useful life. Sherpa Altitude IG, our complete and cost-effective solution for Information Governance and eDiscovery, may be new but Sherpa has been experts in policy enforcement and eDiscovery for 15+ years (long before these initiatives were referred to as Information Governance.) Why trust your information challenges to an eDiscovery or review vendor who has just begun to think about policy enforcement? Trust Sherpa Software to guide your information journey.