Highline College expands use of Sherpa Software with new program

Highline College in Des Moines, WA has used Discovery Attender, Sherpa’s on premise eDiscovery search and collection tool for several years, namely in the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree. Discovery Attender is utilized in Highline’s Data Recovery and Forensics spring program when the class teams up with the Legal 220 class entitled e-Discovery and Forensics. Beginning this year, Discovery Attender’s use will be expanded into the Applied Bachelor’s degree in CyberSecurity and Forensics.
Highline’s approach to teaching eDiscovery is cutting edge and designed to provide a real world learning environment. They utilize state-of-the-art software and expose students to an environment in which professional etiquette and communication skills are learned. Highline employs instructors who work in the industry and rely heavily on their knowledge and experience to ensure Highline provides industry leading software and curriculum.
Dr. Amelia Phillips has been instrumental in developing the relationship with Sherpa Software and making Highline’s educational program a success. Phillips served as the chair of the Pure & Applied Science division for six years and is still the lead for the Applied Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity & Forensics. “Having the support of Sherpa Software over the past few years has made our success possible!” said Phillips. Sherpa Software will still be used in the A.A.S. class in the spring, but this fall it will also be used in a course titled, “CIS 440 – eDiscovery Infrastructure and Practice.”
The CIS 440 – e-Discovery Infrastructure and Practice course is new this year, and the students are thrilled to be using the latest full version of Discovery Attender. In CIS 440, students use “E-Discovery: An Introduction to Digital Evidence” textbook, which includes Discovery Attender’s software to introduce paralegals and forensic students to eDiscovery rules, tools and methodologies. In the spring quarter, CIS students team up with the legal class and provide a real life litigation scenario for the paralegal and forensic students.
Discovery Attender is showcased as one of the most user friendly, yet powerful and dynamic tools to accomplish discovery. Forensic students use Discovery Attender to conduct searches based upon criteria provided by their assigned paralegal student. Forensic students produce the search results to the paralegal in a litigation atmosphere and then “testify” in a mock trial in which their forensic methodologies are examined and cross examined, similar to a real court environment. Forensic students quickly identify ways in which Discovery Attender can be used to compliment forensic tools and methods.
“We are excited to see that Highline is expanding the use of our products for its educational courses. It has been an honor to partner with them in their efforts to teach eDiscovery best practices and educate the next generation of information professionals.” said Kevin Ogrodnik, President of Sherpa Software. “We look forward to continuing to support Highline’s efforts to provide leading eDiscovery and forensics curriculum supported by best-in-class software.
Highline has plans to expand on the degrees they offer including a fraud accounting degree coming online soon. They will continue to explore how Sherpa Software products can elevate their programs expanding on current success.

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