Sherpa Software Announces New Features in
Altitude IG Including Enhanced Legal Hold

Sherpa Software is pleased to introduce the latest features within the upcoming releases of Altitude IGTM, Sherpa’s information governance and eDiscovery solution. These releases include new features and enhancements focused on the eDiscovery and policy management modules. Sherpa continues to strengthen Altitude IG by providing customers with all they need in an easy- to-use and cost-effective solution.

The newest release of Altitude IG includes the ability to visualize result demographics which allows organizations to intuitively reduce and cull down result sets before performing data collection. It also provides the capability to use organizational or custom defined groups as eDiscovery Custodians which simplifies matters that may be confined to specific departments or groups. The eDiscovery module will also feature DeNISTing that eliminates generic system and application files to greatly reduce the size of a search result set to be reviewed. The Policy Management module now includes support for Microsoft Exchange Retention and Archive tags that gives it direct integration with retention policies that Altitude executes within Exchange and Office365. More information on these updates can be found on Sherpa’s blog.

The December release promises to be a major upgrade in the legal hold market. Altitude IG already lowers organizational risk by automating custodian notification, acknowledgment and tracking for organized preservation and defensibility. This is of great value to organizations because it reduces risk by eliminating manual custodian tracking- normally in the form of spreadsheets.

“In today’s litigious world, legal hold is becoming more and more important to show establishment of proper procedures around a case,” said Kevin Ogrodnik, Sherpa Software president. “A legal hold strategy that features an automated system provides an established and repeatable plan that allows you to react quickly and properly to help avoid evidence spoliation and reduce risk and expense associated with manual legal hold tracking.”

The new Legal Hold features found in the upcoming Altitude IG release will greatly reduce the time it takes to set up and execute this process by automating resending and reminder notices to custodians. In addition, legal departments can customize legal hold notice templates that are sent, as well as including the ability to send customizable questionnaires within the notices.