Discovery Attender – The Swiss Army Knife in Your Information Management Toolbox

Why no IT administrator should be without it

Discovery Attender from Sherpa Software is an e-Discovery tool designed to automate the search and collection of electronically stored information (ESI) in a cost-effective, efficient and reproducible manner. Although it may seem like Discovery Attender is used primarily for e-Discovery searches on PST data, the application is actually deployed by numerous customers performing a wide variety of tasks. The extensive feature set is complimented by the ability to search diverse types of data.

Customers also like to share other relevant uses for Discovery Attender. One of these customers even compared Discovery Attender’s multi-purpose functionality to that of a Swiss Army Knife! Throughout the rest of this paper, we will focus on what makes Discovery Attender such a flexible, robust tool and why no IT administrator should be without it.

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