Effective eDiscovery Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget

The leading eDiscovery concern is budgetary constraints. If your organization can relate, there's good news:

A comprehensive and effective eDiscovery process doesn’t have to break your budget.

With an affordable software solution, the right procedures and your in-house team, you can save up to 75% of the time currently spent on eDiscovery notification, search and collection projects. And we all know time is money.

If you’re facing a smaller budget — but an increased number of disputes (and no idea how you’ll manage them) — Sherpa Software can show you how to reduce your eDiscovery spend and improve time savings.

  • Do any of the following describe your situation:
  • You are currently using a manual eDiscovery approach
  • You need to optimize the eDiscovery process due to increased demand
  • You are constrained by limited time and money
  • All of the above

If you can relate to at least one of these challenges (or perhaps all of them!), complete the form and learn how to make your job easier.