Information Governance Handbook

10 must-read articles on ESI lifecycle management

Within the records management, IT and legal communities there is a broader understanding of what the term information governance (IG) implies and the value that it can to bring to an organization in the form of improved operational efficiency and reduced risk. A common challenge among practitioners is that many of them are struggling in their efforts to launch an IG project. Sometimes those struggles involve framing the economic justification for a program to senior management and often the all-encompassing nature of information governance makes it difficult to know just where to get started. If either of these situations describes your position, then this ebook is for you. These are exactly the reasons why Sherpa’s content experts provide articles highlighting industry insights and best practices around information governance!

Included in the following articles is a wealth of information concerning information governance best practices and answers to frequently asked questions. IG knowledge is now at your fingertips.

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