DATA DISCOVERY: Organizational Data Dangers and Opportunities

Data insecurity is real.

How do you protect data that you don’t know you have? Expansive privacy regulations have forced many companies to perform top-down inventories of how personal data flows into, out of, through and within their organizations.

But, how confident are you that it is complete and accurate?

Where else might personal information, client or customer confidences, intellectual property, or other sensitive data be hiding? You know that enormous volumes of data — by some estimates, as much of three-quarters of enterprise data — that create risk and increase costs is neither required by law nor valuable to your business, but can you separate wheat from chaff? Enter data discovery.

Data discovery shines a light on where your data lives and what it contains so that you can govern it, including by taking action to protect it from misuse, abuse or exfiltration. It is essential for risk identification, minimization and mitigation, enabling you to do things like:

  • Build a comprehensive, bottom-up data inventory and map
  • Classify and protect data according to sensitivity and risk category
  • Enforce privacy, retention and security policies
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and avoid costly enforcement actions
  • Recover storage and reduce risk and costs by eliminating redundant, outdated and trivial (ROT) data

Properly planned and executed — using the right tools and workflows — even modest data discovery initiatives can deliver returns on investment that effectively fund themselves many times over.

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