Protecting Client Data with Data Discovery

How to Reduce Risk in Onboarding and Offboarding in Consulting Engagements

In the United States, the average data breach costs $8.19 million, includes 32,000 records, and takes 279 days to identify and contain1. Take a moment to let those numbers sink in.

For any business, but especially those in consulting and professional services, a data breach or accidental data leakage, can do tremendous damage to organizational reputation and profit—leaving an impact felt for years after the incident. Worse yet is how common breaches are. In 2019, a 17% year-over-year increase was reported in data breaches in the US2, and, the Ponemon Institute found that companies estimated their chances of experiencing a data breach within the next two years at nearly 30%.

Still, all hope is not lost. Within your organization, there are immediate actions you can take to reduce your chances of a data breach. In this paper, we explore the unique risks for consulting firms and how you can reduce those risks by implementing strategic onboarding and offboarding processes and tools to protect your client’s intellectual property and sensitive data.

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