Powerful Remote Worker Data Resource — At No Charge

Remote Worker Sensitive Data Discovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has required companies to work remotely. And with that approach to day-to-day work comes the risk of data insecurity … or in other words, having data stored where it’s not supposed to be and increased risk of sensitive data exposure. This can mean:

  • Saving sensitive data to local workstations
  • Storing files in forbidden locations
  • Not knowing the importance or sensitivity of files
  • Storing confidential client information
  • Giving consultants confidential client data

To help you in these scenarios, Sherpa Software is offering our workstation sensitive data discovery software resource free of charge.

This powerful tool will help your organization protect the sensitive data that is being scattered by remote workforces. With remote sensitive data discovery you can:

  • Proactively discover potential sensitive data on local workstations
  • Identify potential risk increases in unsecured data
  • Understand where sensitive PII/PCI/PHI is located, including social security numbers, credit card numbers, health information, account numbers and privacy information
  • Take stock of your workstation data as you do with emails, file shares and other content sources

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