Sherpa Altitude Overview

Learn about our customizable and scalable solution for data governance, eDiscovery, and Privacy & Compliance

Sherpa’s Altitude IG® is the first step in cybersecurity and the next generation of data governance and eDiscovery. Altitude provides complete transparency and visibility into the unstructured data sprawled throughout your enterprise – on desktops and laptops, network fileshares, SharePoint, PSTs, email, and over 70 types of attachments. And Altitude’s infinitely customizable workflows enable you to take control by automating policies to move, copy, or delete content as needed.

Altitude is the scalable, affordable solution to:

  • Locate, manage, and delete PCI/PII/PHI or any other private, confidential or sensitive data – so you eliminate risk before a data breach or compromise occurs
  • Comply with GDPR Right to Know and Right to Be Forgotten
  • Reduce ROT (Redundant, Outdated and Trivial) information
  • Perform file analysis to map and inventory your data: quantify what types of data are being retained; see which data is stale; know which users/fileshares are storing non-compliant or sensitive data, etc.
  • Find ‘smoking guns’ for lawsuits and internal investigations on any data silo: user workstations, email, network fileshares, SharePoint
  • Manage PST File data on desktops and network
  • Enforce retention policies in Mailboxes and Archives


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