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Since our founding in 2000, Sherpa has developed a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help Information Security, Risk, and Privacy officers; CIOs and IT Directors; and legal and HR professionals.

Our extensive content library covers data governance, data risk, data security, data compliance, data retention policies, data discovery, litigation support, and practices for managing PST files.


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Case Study

The Cleveland Browns Win Big with Sherpa Altitude

The Browns upgrade from Discovery Attender to Altitude for enterprise eDiscovery, automated legal hold, and to clean up their “Wild West” of network file shares.
White Paper

An Introduction to PCI and PII

The how and why for implementing data retention policies to mitigate risk from payment card and other personally-identifiable information that may be hiding in your unstructured data.

Targeting Risk in Information Governance

A guide to recognizing and mitigating risk in your electronically-stored information (ESI), including regulatory compliance and proactive measures such as implementing defensible deletion policies.

Lex Tech Review Features Sherpa’s eDiscovery Software Suite

Lex Tech Review’s Brett Burney and the Sherpa team lead a tour of Sherpa’s products for eDiscovery, automated legal hold, and data governance.
Blog Posting

Structured and Unstructured Data: What is It?

The vast majority of your data is unstructured: a massive unorganized conglomerate of objects that are worthless until identified and organized. Learn what to look for and why you need to know.
Blog Posting

Targeting Risks in IT: 5 Things to Consider

Ideas on how to reduce risk including regulations around PCI and PII, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, and FOIA; eDiscovery and legal hold; dealing with ROT data; and practices for defensible deletion.