Slide Sensitive data discovery In every company, there’s a serious risk that PII, PCI, PHI, IP, and other confidential or sensitive data could be leaked, exploited or misused by cyber attackers, malicious insiders and even negligent employees. Unmonitored and unprotected sensitive data can put you in danger of reputation-crushing data breaches, costly lawsuits and major regulatory non-compliance fines.

Mitigate your risk with Sherpa Software’s sensitive data discovery tools for finding and managing sensitive data in files shares, email, local computers, the cloud and more.
Is all of your sensitive data accounted for and stored securely?

Locate, categorize and manage the sensitive data most at risk to exposure in your organization

Find and address sensitive data faster and more effectively with automated recurring data inventory and classification

Identify and remediate compliance breaches by quarantining, securing or deleting

Proactively mitigate insider threat by silently monitoring what sensitive or confidential data your employees store across systems

Ensure client-facing employees thoroughly safeguard client data during and after projects

Comply with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy requirements with an up-to-date inventory of PII and other sensitive data and answering data subject requests


Sherpa Altitude IG protects and remediates all types of data

Improve buy-in and policy adherence by engaging employees in your file analysis and retention processes. Sherpa Software’s data classification software will:


Birth Date
Driver’s License Number
Email Addresses
License Plate
Military Identification Number
National Identification Number
National Insurance Number
Passport Number
Phone Number
Social Security Number
Tax Identification Number
Vehicle Identification Number


Blood Type
Medicare ID


Routing Numbers
Bank Codes
Credit Cards
Account Numbers
Swift Codes


IP Addresses
Mailing Address
Postal Code


Find sensitive data across the organization

Extend your reach with Sherpa Software’s Altitude IG! Find and manage structured and unstructured data everywhere your team works and in all of the places dark data hides — all from one unified platform available at a fraction of the cost of competitive tools.



Protecting PII & PHI in the insurance industry

Employees of an insurance and financial services organization regularly work with personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). To help ensure that this data is kept private and confidential, the organization monitors employee emails using the Altitude IG platform to:

  • Search emails for PII and PHI, including for any of the 70,000+ ICD-10 medical codes
  • Automate the search of 1,500 employee email accounts
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual searches and the risk of manual errors
  • Support compliance with HIPAA and company policies
  • Enable quick incident response with data identification and classification
  • Remediate non-compliant data with automated workflows



Sherpa Software’s Altitude software platform provides a best-in-class, end-to-end solution for sensitive data discovery, data classification, file analysis and information governance, with affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes. With Altitude, users can easily:

  • Inventory: Sift through terabytes of dark data to find sensitive and risky information
  • Analyze: Present files for risk and importance review
  • Classify: Tag files with labels like sensitive, confidential, internal, public or ROT
  • Manage: Decide where data goes and what to do with it
  • Remediate Risk: Automate deletion, saving and/or quarantining

Contact us today to see how Altitude could help you mitigate risk, ensure privacy and compliance and protect sensitive data in your organization.

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