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Sherpa Software has been on many epic journeys over the last 15 years with over 4,000 customers. We have earned a solid reputation as a trusted provider of award-winning cloud and on-premise software, services and support for data governance and eDiscovery.

Sherpa Software offers a suite of services to fit companies of all sizes, ensuring you receive the best care from our team of experienced support professionals.

Customized Internal TrainingProduction Readiness ChecksData Security
Set-Up, installation, deployment, plus ongoing support.Application optimization to adhere to compliance standards, rules and regulations.Ongoing monitoring and alerts of critical issues.

We help with installation, resolving issues, training sessions and much more through our customer success team. The one and only purpose of this team is to ensure that each and every customer has the best experience possible with Sherpa Software. Our goal is to guide your successful data governance or eDiscovery solution at any point in your journey.

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Managed Services Provider

Provide the best solution to your customers and save them from a devastating data breach.

Sherpa Software partners with leading managed service providers to successfully add a critical layer to your customers security layer. Together, we help organizations get the most value out of organizational data, plus mitigate security risks at a fraction of the cost of in-house resources.

Add Altitude IG to:

  • Locate and secure sensitive data: PII, PCI, PHI
  • Gain visibility into untamed file shares and local laptops/desktops
  • Classify data based on value and sensitivity
  • Eliminate ROT data to mitigate risks and breaches
  • Comply with regulations and policies like GDPR and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • Conduct trend analysis to see the impact of data management
  • Enforce internal retention policies automatically

Let us help you build a plan for your business today.

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