Sherpa® is all about service.

Offering unparalled service, over 3,500 successful customer journeys later.

Get the most out of your Sherpa solutions.

Our Customer Success Team offers hands-on support for your Sherpa solution, at any point in the journey.
  • Setup Training Sessions for onboarding or ongoing needs, tailored to your business.

  • Schedule Optimization & Readiness Checks to ensure your company is adhering to compliance standards, rules and regulations.

  • Request Ongoing Monitoring by the Sherpa Support Team, including data security alerts of critical issues.

New Customer Onboarding
Managed Services

Ideal for all new Sherpa Altitude® customers. We recognize that experience, setup and onboarding needs vary. Your Sherpa representative will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your onboarding time.

  • Account provisioning and configuration
  • Agent installation
  • Web Editor and desktop Workflow Editor Training (Policy)
  • Service and Review Training (eDiscovery)
  • Customer support portal walk-through
  • Must be used within 60 days of order

Ideal for customers looking to save internal time and resources. Get the most out of your Sherpa Altitude investment with hands-on consultation, implementation and ongoing system monitoring.

  • Account provisioning, configuration and agent(s) implementation
  • 12-month Sherpa Altitude Policy Management subscription
  • If requested, customer training of Altitude’s Web Editor and desktop Workflow Editor
Ongoing Sherpa Responsibilities
  • Workflow & Policy creation and execution
  • Ongoing system monitoring for policy performance, errors and unprocessed data targets
  • Reconcile and provide policy analysis reports
  • Investigate machines not processed and remediate the machines that encounter issues

Partner Opportunities

Become a Technology Partner
Become a Managed Service Provider
Become an official Sherpa Altitude® Reseller
Partner with us.

Effective data governance requires industry experts coupled with the right process and leading technologies. Our partners provide the skills needed to bring this all together and apply our solutions to your problems, adding expertise in your business area as well as proven experience in:

By partnering with Sherpa Software, we can provide high value services to customers navigating through challenges, changes, and opportunities.

Don’t wait for your customers to experience a devastating data breach.

Partner with Sherpa Software to deploy Sherpa solutions for your customers and assist with ongoing support of the data infrastructure.

Together, we help organizations get the most value out of our offerings, plus mitigate security risks at a fraction of the cost of in-house resources.

Bring Sherpa solutions to the masses.

Sherpa Altitude® Solution Provider Partners resell the Altitude® platform.

Sherpa Altitude® Partner Program Benefits

  • Pricing discounts
  • Recurring revenue
  • Customized training
  • Dedicated Sherpa sales and technical support
  • Marketing opportunities and support
  • Increased organizational PR exposure

As a reseller, you’ll work with an award-winning organization backed by a customer support center of excellence. With a full suite of sales, marketing, and technical support teams, you’ll be properly equipped to provide value-added solutions within the data governance and eDiscovery landscape.

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