For Data Governance

Gain total visibility
with access to data on every workstation and network file shares
Ensure Compliance
by identifying content that may pose a GDPR or CCPA regulatory risk
Eliminate R.O.T
by enforcing retention policies
Reduce vulnerabilities
by managing sensitive data where it resides

Perfect for teams of all sizes.

Small firms

benefit from an integrated platform that is simple to use and offers “buy only what you need” pricing.

Midsize organizations

can distribute their compliance, governance and eDiscovery workloads using Sherpa Altitude® as a collaborative workspace for each team


can easily manage widely dispersed work forces since Sherpa Altitude® can easily reach any Windows device that is connected to the Internet.


Browser & Desktop

Operating System



Quick install, typically less than one hour
Subscription includes on-boarding setup and ongoing support (Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM EST).

Supported Content Sources

Local laptops/desktop workstations
Network File Shares
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Teams
PST Files (network and desktop)
Google G Suite (Gmail & Google Docs)
Structured Data
Discover and inventory data contained in email, workstations, file shares, and more.
Discover and inventory data contained in email, Windows workstations, file shares, and more
Search using keywords and patterns for PCI, PII, and GDPR information.
Locate and produce data for regulatory compliance and internal investigations
Characterize and report on individual and corporate compliance with email best practices.
Defensibly delete ROT to reduce risk
Manage legal, regulatory, and corporate email compliance needs and maintain complete control over your email infrastructure.
Automate policies for compliance, legal, human resources, records management, and IT
Manage, migrate, or delete PST files on desktops or servers.
Monitor space on workstations and network file shares
Allow IT, security, legal, compliance, and business owners to dictate standards.
Allow IT, legal, compliance and business owners to dictate standards

Visualize your data landscape with Reports & Analytics.

Give shape to your organization’s data so leaders can fine-tune their data strategy and inform organizational decisions that save countless hours of productivity and terabytes of space.

Build data maps
to provide visibility into your organization’s data structures
Highlight ROT data
and reclaim storage space to mitigate risk
See the impact
of your retention policies with statistical trend reports
Allow subject matter experts
to examine reports and select items for subsequent quarantine or deletion

Discover and Label Sensitive Data with Sherpa Altitude® Data Classification

Enable data Classification to gain crucial clarity, organization, and control over your riskiest data without interrupting business.
Define classification labels
Develop classification workflows
Create audit reports
Automate retention policies
to locate, organize, and protect sensitive data like PII, PCI, ePHI across your organization.
that examine content and apply labels based on regulatory and internal privacy requirements.
to meet internal organizational compliance requirements and remediate security vulnerabilities.
and run unlimited policy execution audits across your company's entire data network.

See Altitude in Action

Customize your demo experience by typing in keywords or questions into the video platform and you'll see it executed within Altitude.

An affordable, intuitive tool for Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

Not knowing what sensitive data you have — or where it’s stored — isn’t an option anymore. Sherpa Altitude® easily and powerfully facilitates compliance with sensitive data policies for PII, PCI, ePHI, and more.

Locate personal data
across your enterprise, and where it resides
Categorize data types
using custom labels (confidential, private, etc.)
Create a defensible, auditable process
for data discovery, storage and remediation
like GDPR and CCPA standard

Take full advantage of Sherpa Altitude® with eDiscovery

Fulfill eDiscovery search and collection requirements, automate legal hold notification process, or manage risk by implementing data governance across their organization.

For Altitude, the key for me was that it’s rules based — and we get to make the rules.

John Miller
VP Information Technology, American Textile
Case Study

American Textile will see a $60k+ ROI with Altitude

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