For eDiscovery

Search & Collect data in-house
on numerous data silos of unstructured content using keywords, criteria or expressions
Assign Roles to Divide the Workload
and responsibilities throughout the eDiscovery process
Create comprehensive audit reports
and be better prepared to respond to litigation requests
Enforce regulatory compliance and defensibly delete data
in order to reduce organizational costs and risks

Perfect for

Small, midsize and enterprise teams who need to fulfill eDiscovery search and collection requirements, automate legal hold notification process, or manage risk by implementing data governance across their organization.


Browser & Desktop


Quick install, typically less than one hour

Technical Specifications

  • Altitude dashboard browser accessible via Chrome, Firefox or Edge
  • Application server support includes Windows Server 2012 or 2016
  • Workstation support includes Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6 or greater required

Supported content sources

Local laptops/desktop workstations
Network File Shares
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Teams
PST Files (network and desktop)
Google G Suite (Gmail & Google Docs)
Structured Data
Looking for an on-premise eDiscovery tool for in-house teams?
Discovery Attender
  • Reduce review expense by culling to a responsive data set before delivering them for review
  • Shorten review time by allowing multiple reviewers to process results
  • Secure data set results with role-based access for different departments
  • Mitigate risk with comprehensive audit trails and robust legal hold notification features
  • Take full control of your data when you upgrade with the Sherpa Altitude® Data Governance suite.
Our eDiscovery software manages multiple matters, searches, and custodians
Manage multiple matters, searches, and custodians
Enforce email retention policies and reduce storage space.
Locate and collect data for eDiscovery requests, compliance and internal investigations
We assign roles to divide the workload and provide review privileges for attorneys to search and view results securely.
Assign roles to divide the workload and provide review privileges for attorneys to securely search and view results
Analyze communication trends at the person, department, company, and inter-company levels.
Automate Legal Hold Notifications
Review your results sets and tag pertinent items for collection.
Review your results sets and tag pertinent items for collection
Collect tagged results for import into popular review platforms.
Collect tagged results for import into popular review platforms

Best-in-Class Customer Support Managed services

Ideal for customers looking to save internal time and resources. We recognize the diminishing resources and time availability within organizations. Allocate your internal resources to additional mission critical issues and get your return on investment quicker by utilizing Sherpa’s team of experts to fulfill your data governance and eDiscovery initiatives through ongoing system monitoring and fulfillment.

See Altitude in Action

Customize your demo experience by typing in keywords or questions into the video platform and you'll see it executed within Altitude.
Altitude® + Legal Hold
no more spreadsheets
Issue legal hold notifications in minutes and manage the process from one simple screen with Sherpa Altitude® Legal Hold.
Create and customize
email notification templates
notifications to custodians and trigger reminders of ongoing holds
custodian acknowledgement
Create and send
custodian questionnaires
important documents to hold notices
individuals using the Custodian Master List to identify which holds or matters they are assigned to

Discover and Label Sensitive Data with Sherpa Altitude® Data Classification

Enable data Classification to gain crucial clarity, organization, and control over your riskiest data without interrupting business.
Define classification labels
Develop classification workflows
Create audit reports
Automate retention policies
to locate, organize, and protect sensitive organize unstructured data like PII, PCI, ePHI across your organization.
that examine content and apply labels based on regulatory and internal privacy requirements that you define.
to meet internal organizational compliance requirements and remediate security vulnerabilities.
and run unlimited policy execution audits across your company's entire data network.

Take full control with Sherpa Altitude® Data Governance

Sherpa Altitude® gives you complete visibility into your organizational data, with powerful tools for detailed reporting and analytics.

"We use (Sherpa Altitude®) to reduce time spent conducting eDiscovery by 65% and the amount of data reviewed by outside counsel by 60%. We also reclaimed terabytes of storage on our public file share with the Data Governance (formerly Policy Management) functionality."

Brandon C.
Cleveland Browns
Case Study

Why do the Cleveland Browns trust Sherpa?

65% time savings
on the eDiscovery process
60% Reduction
in the amount of data required for legal counsel review
of storage recaptured

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