This web site (this “Web Site”) is provided by SHERPA SOFTWARE GROUP, L.P. (“SHERPA”) 456 Washington Ave, Suite 2, Bridgeville, PA 15017, USA. The following Privacy Statement is the SHERPA company “value-system” regarding your private information:

  • Respect for Your Information. We respect your privacy. We absolutely understand and respect that our customers want to maintain the privacy of their personal information.
  • Giving You a Choice. We do not disclose customer information, except as may be permitted by customers in the Usage Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We absolutely disdain companies that sell e-mail lists to spamming companies. The financial success of our company has been and remains in creating great customer relationships, based upon on our excellent products and services. Unlike startup dot.coms, we do not need to sell our customer lists to augment our income, and we don’t want our service providers selling our own account information to others.
  • Providing Information for Better Service. We collect only customer information that is needed or appropriate, and we tell customers how we use it. We limit the collection of information about our customers to what we need to know to administer their accounts, to provide customer services, to offer new products and services, and to fulfill any legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Limited Access. Access to customer data is limited to those who specifically need it to conduct their business responsibilities. We hold employees responsible for our privacy principles. Each SHERPA employee is personally responsible for maintaining consumer confidence in the company.
  • Limited Use. We limit the release of customer information. In addition to providing customers with the opportunity to opt out of marketing offers, we release information only as permitted by the customer. The only exceptions are if and when we are prohibited by court order or law from notifying the customer, or cases in which fraud, violation of the terms and conditions and/or criminal activity is suspected.
  • Additional Clarifications Upon Request. We are responsive to customers’ requests for explanations. We are always available at